Hope Kids is all about creating a fun and engaging environment where kids can experience the love of Jesus in a way that makes sense to them. And it’s all done in the safe and secure environment that parents expect.
During the 9:30am service we offer a safe place for children in our Nursery (birth – 3 years old).
We also have a children’s message and then after the kids go to their classroom to an atmosphere where children have fun while learning about God. 
We offer appropriate age related activities and learning opportunities for children from birth through sixth grade!
NURSERY (birth through age 2)
Leaving your child with another person is an act of trust that we do not take lightly. Each week, a fully-prepared nursery team is ready to care for, love and minister to your children.
PRESCHOOL (ages 3 – 4)
Kids love to have fun! And fun is exactly what our preschool kids have as they learn all about Jesus and the Bible in a new and exciting curriculum just for them! Check out the app links below for more on The Bible App for Kids that coincides with our curriculum.
HOPE KIDS (K – 1st grade & 2nd – 3rd grade)
Our desire for Hope Kids is that they will want to come to church each week! Through storytelling, media and a worship experience designed just for them, we strive to create an environment that kids can’t wait to come back to. Check out the app links below for more on the ShareFaith Parents App that will allow you to know what your kids are learning and help you engage with them during the week.
GRAVITY 456 (4th – 6th grade)
Being a 4th – 6th grade student is unique. They don’t quite feel like a little kid, but the older students are a bit intimidating. Gravity 456 is the place for 4th – 6th graders to feel like they fit and help navigate the transition into middle school. This group also gets to occasionally participate in fun youth ministry events as a way for them to feel connected.


kids app
The Bible App for Kids is perfect for preschool and early elementary children. This app was created by the same people that have designed our preschool curriculum. Not only do kids love learning with this app, but it’s FREE for Apple, Android and Amazon devices. Click HERE for more information and for download links.
kids sharefaith
With the ShareFaith Kids app, parents can be informed of what their kids are learning and be equipped with ways to engage them with the material during the week. Download this FREE app and scan the ParentShare QR code on your child’s classroom door (you only have to do this once) and you’re good to go! Click HERE for Apple. Click HERE for Android.
Interested in volunteering? As you can imagine, it takes a large crew of volunteers to make Hope Kids happen each week! If you are interested in helping kids experience the love of Jesus, please contact Claudia Caballero.