Responsible to identify, connect and mobilize Community of Hope servants to grow in their walk with Christ in order to become the hands, feet and heart of Jesus doing ministry within and outside the walls of Community of Hope.
Dee Chambliss, lay leader
Saundra Hill, co-reach coordinator
Jan Wyatt, co-reach coordinator
Patti Olivo, co-empower coordinator
Sonia VanCamp, co-empower coordinator
Sharon Fontenot, hospitality coordinator
Mary Schlangenstein, scouts liaison
Responsible for oversight in the implementation of the Community of Hope vision and to ensure that all needed support is available to accomplish the vision.
Frank Kyler, chair
Dee Chambliss, lay leader
Dody Fee, secretary
Susi Bowzer, lay delegate to annual conference
Jerry Richardson, lay delegate to annual conference
Sonja Vancamp, at-large member
Eddilisa Martin, staff resources team (chair)
Krista Morgan, staff resources team
Crystal Graham, staff resources team
Jim Plott, trustee (chair)
Nancy Chapman, trustee
Buck McElvain, trustee
Tim Lawson, trustee
Gary Cardinale, finance (chair)
Angie Ray, finance
Janell Bali, finance
Amanda Murphy, finance
Zach Stiefel, pastor
If you need to contact a leader, please call the church at (817) 453-2328 or email info@communityofhope.com